Profile Picture of Andrea Wong

Andrea Wong

Andrea Wong is an emerging mixed-media artist and sound designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her musical background stems from classical piano and Canadian folk fiddle. Andrea discovered an interest in sound and technology and a love for cross-discipline collaboration during her enrollment in UBC’s Applied Music Technology program. Here, Andrea was a programmer at Sonic UBC Laptop Sounds and Sensors (SUBCLASS), where she worked alongside other musicians and dancers in composing for interactive media art performances. Andrea is also the creator of CHIMIRA (Color-Hearing Interface + Motion-Image Relaying Apparatus), an electronic tabletop instrument that controls various aspects of sound through the manipulation of data from coloured objects. Her most recent sound design work specialized in audio for interactive media including virtual reality games and simulations. With a passion for experimentation and learning, Andrea is pursuing using extended reality (XR) mediums to create immersive experiences as well as engaging pedagogical practice tools for music-learning youths. Currently, Andrea works with piano students at Alla Breve School of Music and is further developing CHIMIRA for electroacoustic music performance and installation art.