Profile picture of Adewolf

Adewolf is a Nigerian-born musician, songwriter, producer, and art director based in Vancouver. His musical style is an amalgamation of Afrobeats, Hip hop, R&B, and Reggae to form a blend of genres he likes to define as Afrohop. In 2019, Adewolf went on to write and release his first EP titled ‘iPharaoh”. This EP found solace with many music lovers as he explored his struggles with mental health and his complex relationship with technology all through the lens of an African man in a western world. This EP established him as an Afrohop artist in Vancouver as he went on to perform at his own sold-out EP release party and perform at some of the biggest venues in Vancouver. His success with the EP also landed him an opening performance for Grammy award-winning Burna Boy at the Vogue Theatre. In that same year, he worked with Nigerian director, Abba Makama, to compose singles for his independent films “The Lost Okoroshi '' and “Green White Green” which both premiered at TIFF.  Adewolf also won the 2020 CITR Shindig’s band competition with his band, The 3ribe.